Chuck Thomsen's Committees


Committee Membership is the most important way to identify a legislator's area of influence. It matters to have those representing you sitting on committees that affect you.

Chuck Thomsen began in Natural Resources and Business/Transportation due to his background, but has recently become a member of every major Education committee due to his leadership, reputation, and knack for consensus-building on K-12 funding.

Sen. Thomsen's committee membership:

Full Ways and Means: All budgetary matters.

Education Budget Subcommittee: Always championing higher K-12 and community college funding, even voting no on many budgets since they haven't been enough. 

Senate Business and Transporation (Vice Chair): Pushing for better road infrastructure and working to improve Oregon's economy

Senate Education: Advocating the improvement of Oregon's quality of education, and enhanced job training in schools

Emergency Board: Convenes during emergencies when Legislature is out of session.


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Chuck Thomsen isn't a legislator who reads talking points and grandstands. He values relationships, and works to find common ground to cut through polarization.