Senator Chuck Thomsen, fighting for us in Oregon's capitol.

Chuck Thomsen was first elected to the Oregon Senate in November 2010. He has served tirelessly ever since, representing much of East Multnomah, Clackamas, and Hood River Counties. As a pear farmer and former 16-year county commissioner, Thomsen brings a much-needed perspective to Salem as both a small business owner and experienced public servant.

Senator Thomsen sits on four important committees: Full Ways and Means, which allocates budget dollars; Business and Transportation, which is evenly split with an equal number from both parties; Interim Emergency Board, which convenes in the event of an emergency and handles all time-sensitive matters; and the Environment and Natural Resources Budget Subcommittee, allowing Chuck to utilize his agricultural expertise. 

Thomsen has quickly earned the reputation of an effective problem solver, and a tireless worker for his district. He freely hands out his cell phone number, and encourages anybody living in Senate District 26 to contact him with any ideas or concerns they have – Chuck believes that often, that is when the best ideas originate.

If you are resident of Senate District 26, by just visiting this website you have shown a lot more interest than most Oregonians in what your elected officials are up to! Please do not hesitate to give Sen. Thomsen a call at (541) 490-4641.



Chuck is a farmer, a volunteer firefighter, and he represents you in our state Capitol.

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