Issues important to Senate District 26

Chuck Thomsen remained consistent with everything he campaigned for. In the legislature, it is important to set broad and specific goals. In the last session, Chuck continue to stand for job-based economic growth and balancing our state budget without raising taxes.

Here are some key bills Senator Thomsen introduced in the 2013 session:

  • SB 219: Targets unnecessary "feasibility studies" that cities and counties are forced to pay.
  • SB 213: Reduces consumer cost of gasoline.
  • SB 212: Creates better, job-friendly revisions to Environmental Quality Commission.
  • SB 96: Allows certain employers exemption from unnecessary regulations.
  • SB 220: Streamlines job-creating infrastructure development process.
  • SB 121: Removes restrictions hampering hydroelectric power.
  • SB 276: Adds transparency to Rest Area Bill, putting Travel Information Council under yearly review.
  • SB 430: Creates deduction for charitable farmers.
  • SB 331: Improves money distribution to parks.
  • HB 2352: A fun bill, partnering the aptly-named town of Boring with Dull, Ireland.

What constituents are saying:

"Chuck Thomsen is one of those special, rare public servants who remains consistent with what he campaigned for while also showing keen pragmatism and leadership with colleagues on all sides."

Ernie Platt, Damascus