Senator Chuck Thomsen's Accomplishments

"Senator Thomsen has quickly proven himself to identify solutions, build consensus, and get results. His knack for building relationships enables him to be a leader in the Senate no matter which party is in charge."
- Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Of all of Senator Chuck Thomsen’s accomplishments, the most important is that he has delivered on everything he originally campaigned for. His consistency in fiscal and policy decision-making has been a breath of fresh air.

Chuck has always had two major goals: Balance Oregon’s budget without raising taxes, and promote economic growth through a better job economy. His voting record in the Senate reflects that.

To date, Chuck’s most notable constituent-based accomplishment was saving the Government Camp Rest Area – which ultimately resulted in the improvement of 16 rest areas throughout Oregon and a unanimous, bipartisan vote to make it happen. Senate Bill 1591 placed some rest areas in the hands of Oregon Travel Experience, which successfully and more efficiently manages them.

Following are more of Senator Thomsen’s accomplishments, with more to come:

  • HB 4068: Gave Oregon Food Bank more options to put food on tables using "recatch" from commercial fishers.
  • SB 960: Promotes economic growth by allowing agri-tourism businesses on exclusive farm use land.
  • SB 301: Reduced tax burden on small and family-owned businesses that invest in expanding their enterprises.